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Here we go– lots of info about to roll. Sorry for the silence, pals. Beautiful, balmy springtime in New Orleans, Carnival time, a terrible time for a snot-filled noggin. Glad to breathe again.

Meantime, look at this!

Mik Kastner


Who’d a thunk?

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The Cheap Art Auction surpassed all expectations and we raised over $4,000, auctioning off about 150 items! Automata now has a budget to work with!

The funds from this auction will go towards expenses here in New Orleans- costs of running the show, including rent for use of the Ironworks, as well as for individual grants to local & regional artists working on Automata projects. We do already have a list of artists we intend to give money to, but if you are a New Orleans or Louisiana artist in need of a little push on your project, please contact us at

There are many people to thank:
All the artists who donated work,
Everyone who showed up, stayed, and bid- we hope you enjoyed the evening.
Kourtney Keller, extraordinary bartender,
Mimi’s in the Marigny,
Everyone who got sucked into helping during the course of the auction- Tristan, Christine, Tallulah, Angela, and–
The glamorous Hannah Brown in heels,
The tireless piano player Tom,
Organizers James Goedert, Leslie Selting and Bob Snead,
John for the pizza! Many others!
Special thanks to Antenna Gallery and Press St. for the support!

Nobody took photos, that I’m aware of, so we’ll leave you with the image of a soap/wax tractor, which Thomas Little conceived as an item for the upcoming raffle/party fundraiser in March, sometime after Mardi Gras. Now that we have the locals covered, we’re working on bringing in Mark Koven and others from North Carolina, and Colin McIntyre and gang from Austin.

This Sunday!

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Cheap Art Auction (click to see artist list) at Mimi’s this Sunday!

Preview some of the work up for auction in this album.

Image (with big) thanks to the Cybernetic Zoo: Professor George Moore’s Steam Man.

Update, 11/19: just some notes. All money raised in this auction will go towards exhibition expenses like space rental, and to New Orleans and regional artists towards their materials costs for Automata projects.

Also, the doors will be open to the balcony at Mimi’s to let in fresh air and allow people to move around more. The weather looks fine!

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Thanks to the Arts Council for running our Call to Artists again- please click the link “information for artists” on the sidebar to the right for the full call.

Some adjustments have been made:

Models and Miniature will not take place this year because the space we were to use is no longer available. This will only be a kinetics, robotics, machine, electronic, and bio art sculptural exhibition at the Ironworks at 612 Piety St. in New Orleans. It will run from April 2-9, open on Saturday evenings and by appointment during the week. There will be a special concert evening, tba, by the J.O. Evans Ensemble. There is a door admission for the concert and the exhibit will be running. All other exhibition nights are free.

See the following entry for information on our first fundraiser, and stay tuned for information regarding funding and what our limitations are in bringing in artists from outside Louisiana. I should have a working list up on this blog of artists who are already committed to the show by early next week.

Please write to with your proposal by February 18. Installation will begin at the site on March 30, the Wednesday before the opening night on April 2nd.

Cheap Art Auction fundraiser, Feb. 20th at Mimi’s

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First fundraiser for Automata!
Upstairs at Mimi’s, corner of Franklin and Royal.
Preview: 6pm
Auction begins: 7pm
Paddles: $5
(buy-in and sign-in required to bid)
Auctioneer: Bob Snead
Showcase Glamour: Miss Hannah Brown
The Piano Player: Tom

Automata is an exhibition of kinetic and mechanical sculpture of all kinds. It will take place at the Ironworks warehouse at 612 Piety St., April 2-9, 2011.

We need to raise at least $10,000 for this year’s show to pay for:
– transport of heavy artwork from all over the U.S.
– individual grants to New Orleans and Louisiana artists for materials or something towards rent while they complete their work
– rent for the show location

The Cheap Art Auction is a LIVE AUCTION! Prices start at $5 or $10 unless otherwise specified by the artist. Money raised at this auction will go towards exhibition costs and to artists in New Orleans.

Preview some of the work on flickr.
Participating artists (more coming, list updated):

James Goedert
Bob Snead
Myrtle von Damitz lll
Thomas Little
Brad Benischek
Caesar Meadows
Christopher Deris
Harriet Burbeck
Kate McNee
R. Scott Moseley
Miss Pussycat
Skylar Fein
Mara Bentley
Michael Deas (commemorative Edgar Allen Poe stamp booklet, signed)
Kourtney Keller
Mystic Blue Signs, Vincent Mitchell
Marcus Brown- live sound drawings!
Lou Lou Maloney- Muses shoe!
Elyse Manning- Fancy Edibles!
Mo Lappin- Howl Pop Fashions
Calamity Fashions
Lefty Parker
Nina C. Nichols
Keene Kopper
Leslie Selting
Kenny Harrison
Kathleen Loe
Ryan Ballard
Alyssa Dennis
Eli Silverman
Toby Franklin
Maggie Calmes
Hannah Chalew
Ben Fox McCord

If you are an artist who can donate work to the auction, or wish to support the show as a sponsor, please email Myrtle at

Our fiscal sponsor is the Black Forest Fancies, a 501c3 arts non-profit. We will be able to provide you with an invoice so that your donation can be tax deductible where it applies.

See you at the auction!

Myrtle von Damitz lll
James Goedert
Bob Snead

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