February 8, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thanks to the Arts Council for running our Call to Artists again- please click the link “information for artists” on the sidebar to the right for the full call.

Some adjustments have been made:

Models and Miniature will not take place this year because the space we were to use is no longer available. This will only be a kinetics, robotics, machine, electronic, and bio art sculptural exhibition at the Ironworks at 612 Piety St. in New Orleans. It will run from April 2-9, open on Saturday evenings and by appointment during the week. There will be a special concert evening, tba, by the J.O. Evans Ensemble. There is a door admission for the concert and the exhibit will be running. All other exhibition nights are free.

See the following entry for information on our first fundraiser, and stay tuned for information regarding funding and what our limitations are in bringing in artists from outside Louisiana. I should have a working list up on this blog of artists who are already committed to the show by early next week.

Please write to automata.nola@gmail.com with your proposal by February 18. Installation will begin at the site on March 30, the Wednesday before the opening night on April 2nd.


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