Automata 2011

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Automata 2011


Work by Mark Koven, Ben Reid, and others from North Carolina here only April 2.

Sunday, April 3, 7pm.- special concert:
New compositions by J.O.Evans III performed by his ensemble The South Chamber Ensemble – Chris Johnson, Justin Peake, Simon Lott, and Willam A. Thompson IV. (admission TBA)

After Party! Allways Lounge, April 9, 10pm:
Amphibian Lark
Silver Apples
C-Section 8
Dead Baby Dolphins (new Gulf Coast-French Combo in Memoriam)
DJ Micronaut
& more
info to come


well hello

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This was a good night of hard work and hard fun! We raised over $750, which means our expenses for this year are SET– we can now fund 2 more projects by New Orleans artists and cover the rest of our expenses! Thank you everyone!

Special thanks to James Goedert and Leslie Selting for not just busting ass but opening up their home. Also to Tallulah for the best triple grill operation ever witnessed, and solidarity with operating on a sleep deficit. All of the food got eaten, and relished. The initial relish was supplied by Mr. Jeff Shyman of Confederacy of Cruisers, who made us 16 cups of 2 kinds of homemade BBQ sauce: cherry and whiskey. Even if I had to blend one of them at the last minute they made the night. That and the whiskey solo. We won’t underestimate the demand next time…

We’re all extremely relieved to have all of our costs covered this year, and grateful to everyone for turning out at such short notice to help bring Automata to life this year in style. Who knows how the show itself will turn out? We do know local artists finally got money towards their projects, that we paid our rent, that we have begun to bring in artists from outside Louisiana— and see the road ahead in terms of expenses, materials provisions, the work we want to bring into New Orleans and the work we want to foster in New Orleans. We hope to see you all at the show!

One more time:

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Thank you from all of us for coming out to the raffle and show this past Monday! It was a surreal and wonderful night. We raised $550, which won’t cover costs for all we’d hoped for– it is a difficult season for fundraising. The truck from California wasn’t meant to be this year, but we will be able to bring in Simeon from Alabama and a whole trailer of amazing sculpture from North Carolina. The generosity of the bands, the Allways Lounge, everyone who came out, all friends who volunteered to help, and those who donated to the raffle made the night a great one! We hope you can join us for this last leap of faith! We still have expenses to cover– in addition, a few local artists came forward with new ideas and they need help with expenses– we want to help get their projects finished. If we can raise at least another $500 before the Automata weekend then we’ve met our goal. Please come out to the party this Saturday, and invite everyone you know!

House party, this Saturday, March 26:
1912 Marais (between Touro & Pauger)
4pm till the food and music run out

Keg & BBQ! Vegetarian food available. Will post menu soon as we have it.


Any entree with 2 sides & two beers: $10

Pork Chop, Sausage, or Vegetable Sandwich; Ribs or Chicken: $5

Each side (Potato Salad, Baked Macaroni, vinaigrette Coleslaw, no-meat-Collards): $2

Beer: $2
Highballs: $3
Juice/Soda/Water: $1

If we have water…! If no bottled water then tap water is free.
ie: your children are welcome. This is a family-friendly backyard. Come on in! Please find a dog sitter- life is short. Respect the neighbors. Eat and drink! The music and the air are at their finest.

We’d like to thank our Queen of the Grill, expert and scientific chef, and impresario of the Charismatic Battle, Tallulah Elvis Poodle, who will also do your taxes. Mr. Jeff Shyman of Confederacy of Cruisers is not just a consultant on proper feeding of masses but also maker-from-scratch of the BBQ sauce. 2 kinds of BBQ sauce, depending on your animal.
Thanks also to Wagner’s Meat on St. Claude, once again to Allways Lounge, and all Automata volunteers.

Monday Night Raffle & Dance Party

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At the Allways Lounge, 2240 St. Claude Ave., corner of Marigny!
6pm; raffle begins at 8pm. Raffle list below, as it grows.
$5 entrance, $2 red beans, $1 raffle tickets.

Working List of Raffle Items

(links to sponsors in bold)

– Case of Vinavera Chardonnay, from Matassa’s Market
– Bike Tour for 2 from Confederacy of Cruisers (and a dozen fresh eggs)
– Spring-themed headpiece by Kate McNee
– 10 $20 gift certificates to Mardi Gras Zone
– gift certificate for cake from Shake Sugaree Sweets & Treats, valued at $40
– 5 free classes from Wild Lotus Yoga
– Babyhead Bustier by Cree McCree
– Headdress by Ooops the Clown
– $20 to La Divina Gelateria
– 2 3-piece chicken plates from Brothers Franklin Market on Franklin & Villere
– free bicycle tune-up at Gerken’s Bike Shop
– signed copy of the travel book Louisiana Rambles from Ian McNulty
– 5 9×13″ photographic prints by Jose Fernandes
– CD set of music by Micronaut
– Items from the Pop Shop!
– from Garrett County Press: copies of Temp Slave!, Guinea Pig Zero, Letters from New Orleans, and the WPA Guide to New Orleans
Pete’s Easy Pizza Speakeasy:  a free pizza pie and beer coozy!
– drinks & theater tickets from Allways Lounge & Theater
–  Documenting the Now, set from Neighborhood Story Project
– $25 gift certificate to The Joint
– framed sketch by Rex Dingler
– bottle of Vin de Payes de Vaucluse, Les Aphillanthes, from Bacchanal Wine
– $20 gift certificate to Bywater BBQ
– a year of pro-level web hosting at
– The Little Lambs Throne of Atonement! from Termite Laboratories
Old New Orleans Rum gift pack: 3 bottles of rum & a tour of the distillery

& other various treasures , either tba here asap or to be revealed at the raffle.

various treasures:  Howl Pop!, potted bamboo, cans of good house paint in various hues, 6-pack of spray paint, possibly a couch, 2 fresh Attic Ted cd’s, miscellaneous interesting books, 5 dvd set of the Complete History of WWll…

We’d like to thank all of the local businesses, musicians, artists and friends who are supporting this effort to bring in out of state artists to Automata this year! We are grateful to everyone for their enthusiasm and are putting these dollars to good use.
The Allways Lounge is an especially gracious host- thank you to Dennis Monn and Zalia Beville. See you there!

Gas Money

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Our next fundraiser is scheduled for Monday, March 21st, at the Allways Lounge. A raffle, live bands, and dancing with DJ Micronaut, Automata’s resident soundman. Lefty Parker is our Master of Ceremonies. Band lineup and other information to be confirmed later this week.

Today, highlights of artists we are raising gas money for. There are two main trailers full of kinetic and machine sculpture: one from Asheville, North Carolina, and one originating in California that can bring in work from Prescott, AZ, and Austin. Plus, a special guest via Mobile, AL.

First, Asheville, headed up by Professor Mark Koven:
Koven and conspirators on a larger project (a post for the near future) will bring a trailer of work in from Asheville, including work from Koven’s last show in Seattle and pieces by Ben Reid and possibly Charlotte artist Ryan Buyssens.

Ben Reid



Next, California and the west as it nears Louisiana!

Ryon Gesink

Bandhu Dunham (Prescott, AZ)

Colin McIntyre (Austin, TX)

(& others, depending… on this ride.)

More as developments unfold in the next few days, including a flyer! Mardi Gras is over, Automata is nearly here- time is short. If we can start this year on what little resources and time we have now to bring in artists from out of state who are willing and able to go on this ride with our help, we will be able to bring many more in the coming years- we wish to bring more connections to machine, robotic, and kinetic artists in New Orleans, and expose more of what is going on in this arena to students, children and the public in this region; bringing in work from out of state is key to the future of Automata.


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Artist list developing on a new page (link to the left). Many additions and evolutions to come.

It is Mardi Gras in New Orleans— no sense in making sense. We still managed to work on our next fundraiser after the madness, at the Allways Lounge: raffle and dance party! Lineup still to come. We’ll get that flyer out; but for now there is no point. At all. Happy Mardi Gras!

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