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March 24, 2011 § Leave a comment

Thank you from all of us for coming out to the raffle and show this past Monday! It was a surreal and wonderful night. We raised $550, which won’t cover costs for all we’d hoped for– it is a difficult season for fundraising. The truck from California wasn’t meant to be this year, but we will be able to bring in Simeon from Alabama and a whole trailer of amazing sculpture from North Carolina. The generosity of the bands, the Allways Lounge, everyone who came out, all friends who volunteered to help, and those who donated to the raffle made the night a great one! We hope you can join us for this last leap of faith! We still have expenses to cover– in addition, a few local artists came forward with new ideas and they need help with expenses– we want to help get their projects finished. If we can raise at least another $500 before the Automata weekend then we’ve met our goal. Please come out to the party this Saturday, and invite everyone you know!

House party, this Saturday, March 26:
1912 Marais (between Touro & Pauger)
4pm till the food and music run out

Keg & BBQ! Vegetarian food available. Will post menu soon as we have it.


Any entree with 2 sides & two beers: $10

Pork Chop, Sausage, or Vegetable Sandwich; Ribs or Chicken: $5

Each side (Potato Salad, Baked Macaroni, vinaigrette Coleslaw, no-meat-Collards): $2

Beer: $2
Highballs: $3
Juice/Soda/Water: $1

If we have water…! If no bottled water then tap water is free.
ie: your children are welcome. This is a family-friendly backyard. Come on in! Please find a dog sitter- life is short. Respect the neighbors. Eat and drink! The music and the air are at their finest.

We’d like to thank our Queen of the Grill, expert and scientific chef, and impresario of the Charismatic Battle, Tallulah Elvis Poodle, who will also do your taxes. Mr. Jeff Shyman of Confederacy of Cruisers is not just a consultant on proper feeding of masses but also maker-from-scratch of the BBQ sauce. 2 kinds of BBQ sauce, depending on your animal.
Thanks also to Wagner’s Meat on St. Claude, once again to Allways Lounge, and all Automata volunteers.


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