well hello

March 28, 2011 § Leave a comment


This was a good night of hard work and hard fun! We raised over $750, which means our expenses for this year are SET– we can now fund 2 more projects by New Orleans artists and cover the rest of our expenses! Thank you everyone!

Special thanks to James Goedert and Leslie Selting for not just busting ass but opening up their home. Also to Tallulah for the best triple grill operation ever witnessed, and solidarity with operating on a sleep deficit. All of the food got eaten, and relished. The initial relish was supplied by Mr. Jeff Shyman of Confederacy of Cruisers, who made us 16 cups of 2 kinds of homemade BBQ sauce: cherry and whiskey. Even if I had to blend one of them at the last minute they made the night. That and the whiskey solo. We won’t underestimate the demand next time…

We’re all extremely relieved to have all of our costs covered this year, and grateful to everyone for turning out at such short notice to help bring Automata to life this year in style. Who knows how the show itself will turn out? We do know local artists finally got money towards their projects, that we paid our rent, that we have begun to bring in artists from outside Louisiana— and see the road ahead in terms of expenses, materials provisions, the work we want to bring into New Orleans and the work we want to foster in New Orleans. We hope to see you all at the show!


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