A Technological Terrarium: Automata artists at the Ogden

August 14, 2011 § 2 Comments

Under the auspices of the Kohlmeyer Circle, the Ogden Museum of Southern Art, and head curator Bradley Sumrall, the work of several Automata artists is now on display in the Ogden’s tunnel, to the back left as you enter, just off the atrium!

The opening night, August 6, was also the massive annual Warehouse/Arts District sweat-fest known as White Linen Night, which brought record crowds to the shows at the Ogden. An audience ordinarily not thought to pay attention to the mechanical rumblings and digital bleepings in the deep hollows of a downtown warehouse were introduced en masse to an intimate selection of the eccentric and sensible talents that make up an Automata exhibition.

The show runs through September 12. We will have a closing reception, TBA, with more artists and live music.

Thanks to Doug MacCash from the Times Picayune for the nods on White Linen Night!

Click here for the flickr collection (in progress) of the Technological Terrarium exhibition and events in the Ogden’s Tunnel.
Technological Terrarium at the Ogden Museum of Southern Art

ARTIST LIST (names in bold linked to web page):
Bob Snead

David Sullivan
“Identity Theft”

Taylor Lee Shepherd

Gumbo Labs
Sirens – Prototype I: August 2011
Mixed Media- CD, thread, foil, feather, electrons

Christopher Deris
Trees: 1, 2 & 3
Word Extractor Machine
” You took the words right out of my mouth”
(see video)
What if words were material? Maybe those perfect words you have always wished to say were just stuck in the back of your throat. Having a conversation would necessitate a unique set of tools.
Word extractors are delicately handmade pliers, reminiscent of antiquated medical instruments, elegant and outmoded. Designed to distill the act of communication down to an absurdly simple act of mechanically retrieving words from the mouth of another.
This is a machine, word extractor machine, that demonstrates the use of these tools by enacting an intimate conversation from the movie “Say Anything”.

James Goedert
Too Tall To Fix Small #3
Drawing Machines: Line and Color
battery-operated animals with ink pen legs take over a tabletop.

Kevin Brown
kinetic sculpture- dog

H. Cole Wiley
Building Bridges Out of Buildings
(click here to view artist statement)

Samuel Joyce
Observation on the Preponderance or Ponderousness of Modularity in Design
(Cyclops skeleton spy)

Adam Farrington
Trumpet Boats and Snag Boat
They will flap their wings.

With great thanks to Bradley Sumrall, Chris Voigt and the Kohlmeyer Circle, Sue Strachan and Ellen Balkin. Many many thanks to the security staff who turn the show on every morning, and to all who work at the Ogden. We look forward to more!


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