January 21, 2012 § Leave a comment

Changes in fundraising and deadlines!
As it happens in New Orleans, resources are limited and often the same people you work with are working on something else that needs a lot of time and effort- and so we are postponing the cheap art auction and purely local fundraising events in favor of applying for kickstarter for the end of February.

We might have a bbq in March, anyway…..

This all means that if you wish to be considered for any kind of grant- from travel expense to materials- we will need to know by February 18, as we must raise the bulk of our budget as early as possible.  We’re working with individuals now to create our projected money needs- we will try to stay flexible in the coming months, but it’s better to talk to us early.

Especially if you want to come to New Orleans – we’re coordinating travel groups for sharing road and shipping expenses.

We’re also working on accommodation  arrangements for visiting artists throughout the month of the show.

Money!  We will need it!  It’s a lot of fun raising it and giving it away!  We love handing money over to artists to help them with their projects!  Our priority again starts with grants for local artists and covering basic show expenses, like space rental, and moves out from there.  More on all that very soon.   Proposal deadline is still Sept. 1 but we have a lot of leeway in Automata for last minute projects- don’t hesitate to contact us.

Other news:  the 2012 Artists list is begun- please refer to the list of pages at the left of the home page.

Also, h/t Dug North:  this is Wunderland!


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