Automata Artists, 2011

Artists participating in Automata, 2011. List will be updated as confirmed. Names in bold are linked.

(Welcome, friends of The Ogden Museum! Please refer to THIS ENTRY for information on A Technological Terrarium– artist list, information, and links. Thank you!)

New Orleans/Louisiana

James Goedert
Bob Snead
Christopher Deris
Drew Zeigler with DJ Urine
Keene Kopper
Patrick Murray-Nellis
Vincent Mitchell
Gumbo Labs
Kevin Brown (Houma)
Susan Ireland
Elizabeth Shannon
David Sullivan
Taylor Lee Shepherd (see also Dithyrambalina)
Thomas Little
Samuel Joyce
Marcus Brown
J.O. Evans lll
Lefty Parker
Benjamin C. Varadi, Esq.- DIY Book Scanner; (& continuing project from 2010: Tulane Center for IP Law and Culture)
Aimee Howard (Lafayette)
Mik Kastner (Amite)
Mark Anderson
Ryan Ballard
Caroline Thomas (B.U.G.S.)
Jayme Kalal
Angela Eve and Anastasos Ketsios
H. Cole Wiley
Amanda Scott
Barton Gilley
Richard Simmons
Eric Sullivan
Chris Beasley
Ariadne Doyle

Other States:

Simeon (Alabama)
Mark Koven et. al. (North Carolina)
Ben Reid (Asheville)
Ryan Buyssens (North Carolina)
Colin McIntyre (Texas)
Carolyn Weir (Mississippi)
Lilly Butter (Canada, New Orleans)


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