AUTOMATA needs your help to bring outstanding artists from all over the country to New Orleans, and to support artists in New Orleans by helping to cover the materials they need to complete their wonderful inventions.

Updates soon on how you can help support kinetic sculpture in New Orleans!



§ 3 Responses to Contribute

  • Carolyn Weir says:

    I create minature kinetic mobiles with aluminum sheet and watercolor paintings. I was wondering if your kinetic category included mobiles? If yes, would you accept a submission of my work? See some of my work in action at

    Thanks in advance for taking the time to read this email and viewing my videos 🙂

    Carolyn Weir
    Skysetter Designs

  • Seth Lewis says:

    I am a graduate of the LSU BFA program ’06 under Malcolm Mcclay. I am currently building electronic sound based interactive sculptures and circuit bent instruments. I would love to create something for one of your shows in the near future. Unfortunately I do not have a website at the moment, but I do have images of two pieces up on Facebook.

    • automatanola says:

      Hi Seth,

      Thanks for getting in touch! Please email me at myrtlered at gmail. I’d like to hear more about your work- if you can send images and descriptions of your projects that would be great. The next Automata is in the fall of 2012 and we are gearing up planning for it now. Are you still in Baton Rouge?

      All the best,


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